Orthodontic Expert Dr. Steven Cohen

The true cost of braces varies by the practice, the doctor, his/her experience, the doctor’s reputation, and the level of customer service. Orthodontics is a lifetime investment with benefits that are realized throughout a person’s life. There is often a relationship between the cost and quality of work/service performed.

When selecting an Orthodontist cost should not be the only criteria. The cost of service is directly related to the results of treatment and service delivered. Price in itself should not be the only consideration the following is a list of criteria to consider in choosing a Philadelphia Orthodontist.

1. Has the doctor completed a 2 or 3-year residency program post-dental school?

2. Is the doctor a Diplomate of The American Board of Orthodontists?

3. The materials used in the practice.

Dr. Cohen graduated dental school and was accepted into an Orthodontic Residency immediately upon graduation which is not that common. Most dentists will need to become more experienced and develop some maturity.

Dr. Cohen became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists in 2010. This is a voluntary exam by his peers on the quality of diagnosis and treatment planning and final patient results.

Dr. Cohen uses only the best brackets and wires from the top orthodontic manufacturing companies in the United States. The costs he feels are fair and help to reflect the end result of a great smile to last a lifetime.

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