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Referral Rewards

Your participation and cooperation is one of the most important aspects in achieving an excellent orthodontic result. To recognize and reward your efforts we have created the:

Patient Rewards & Kids Club Programs

The Programs are easy and FUN! All you have to do is bring your card to your appointment, ask a team member to swipe it, and watch the points pile up! Earn more points at each appointment for things like having excellent oral hygiene, getting great grades, referring a friend or seeing your dentist for a dental cleaning. Your reward points will grow as you continue throughout your orthodontic journey.

Rack Up The Points & Get Cool Stuff!

Now, here’s where it gets fun. Go to or, then click on the Patient Rewards or Kids Club card image. Enter your 16-digit reward number and your 4-digit password (from the back of your card). Once you’re inside the reward hub you can:

  • Check your points
  • Upload your own personal profile photo
  • Retrieve message from our office
  • LIKE our Facebook page and automatically get points!
  • Download a certificate to bring to your dental cleanings
  • Trade in your points to cool stuff

And it gets even better…the prizes are mailed directly to your house! Visit our website for more details or ask any one of the team members for assistance. As always, THANK YOU for being a great patient!


Download a PDF of the above instructions here

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