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Have you always dreamed of a beautiful, straight smile? Whether this dream is for yourself, your child, or a loved one, it deserves to become a reality. 

There are many different orthodontic methods to achieve a straight smile. One of the more innovative pathways is Damon braces. This type of braces is a more comfortable alternative to conventional braces.

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What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are the newest advancement in brace systems. Instead of employing elastic ties to shift the teeth, these braces self-ligate with wires, clips, and a sliding system. 

Self-ligating means the braces have clips that keep the main wire stable. Damon braces keep your teeth straight without the need for tightening and high-pressure adjustments. 

The result is a much more comfortable and less painful brace system. Damon braces also straighten your teeth just as effectively as traditional braces.

Traditional Braces vs. Damon Braces

There are considerable differences between traditional braces and Damon braces. The most significant difference is the use of the self-ligating system vs. elastics. Conventional braces use elastics attached to brackets, putting pressure on each part of the mouth that requires attention. 

With Damon braces, the self-ligating system goes across the primary wire. This system gradually corrects your bite for a beautiful smile.

More people are choosing Damon braces over conventional ones because of this sliding system. It exerts less force on your teeth, allowing them to move more naturally and generate less pain.

Advantages of the Damon System

More Gentle

The Damon system doesn’t require any rubber bands and elastics. The braces’ pressure on your jaw is gentle while remaining highly effective. These braces are especially popular among those with pre-existing jaw conditions because they don’t add significantly to their discomfort.

Efficient Results

You get quicker results with Damon braces than with traditional systems. Faster treatment time means less time between you and your beautiful new smile.

More Comfortable

Since these braces are smaller and don’t require elastics, they’re easier on your mouth and have a less clunky feel. This quality is a massive perk for teens and adults who dread the discomfort of braces. 

Fewer Dentist Visits

Since Damon braces don’t use elastics that require tightening and adjusting, they require fewer office visits. If fewer check-ins with the dentist are a plus for you, Damon braces are a clear winner.

Accurate Corrections

Even though these self-ligating braces offer faster treatment, that doesn’t mean the Damon system skimps on efficacy. Damon braces are precise without the need for elastic ties. 

Damon Braces Near Philadelphia, PA

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