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“Hey I am just your average teen with dental problems.” That’s how I was before I received my braces. You would never see me smiling because my teeth were all over the place, they were waltzing in the front and square dancing in the back. I feel as though I smile alot more an that I am more prevalent to laugh now that my teeth have been positioned to my liking. Other people tell me my braces have changed my character and made me more of a happy person. I guess I can agree. Thank you for straightening my teeth Dr. Cohen, my teeth are indebted to you! N.H.

-Truly Life changing with my new smile!

My teeth look so good and everyone there is always so nice, even if I did not follow all of the rules, I am so happy I did not go somewhere else, Emily

-Another One of Dr. Cohen’s Happy Patients

My experience with Dr. Cohen’s office was excellent and I would recommend this orthodontist to anyone with positive reviews.

-Another Happy Patient

Dr. Cohen and Staff,
Thank you for everything and I highly recommend this office to anyone who needs braces! Which I do already! Everyone in the office are always very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Of course, Dr. Steven Cohen is wonderful!

-Mrs. A

Dr. Cohen,

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in fitting Joe with his new retainer during a difficult time for me.  Words cannot express how gratefull I am.  You and your staff are truly angels on earth.

-Mona P.

Dr. Cohen goes above and beyond to help me achieve a great smile with my Damon braces. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. Thanks again Dr. Cohen for my great smile!

-One of Our Happy Patients Philadelphia, PA

I researched a great deal before I decided to get my teeth straightened. As an adult I knew I had to be cautious and find just the right orthodontist. I, literally, interviewed and consulted with several doctors before I found Dr. Cohen. I was hesitant to wear braces for two years but once I viewed the virtual pictures of the pending results, I was sold. This month marks my two year anniversary of being out of braces and I am, proudly, 57 years old! I love my smile so much that I wish I had found Dr. Cohen years before.

Dr. Cohen is a professional extraordinaire and his staff is fabulous. My experience with his treatment has been life changing. I have more confidence than ever in my life and sincerely know it is because of the changes Dr. Cohen made in my appearance!

-Nadine Tanaguchi NJ