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When it comes to your smile, why not choose the orthodontist that Philadelphia Magazine and New Jersey Magazine consistently rate as one of the best. Dr. Cohen has achieved this prestigious status by carefully listening to his patient’s concerns and then designing a treatment plan to exceed their expectations. He treats pediatric patients from age […]

Orthodontic Expert Dr. Steven Cohen

The true cost of braces varies by the practice, the doctor, his/her experience, the doctor’s reputation, and the level of customer service. Orthodontics is a lifetime investment with benefits that are realized throughout a person’s life. There is often a relationship between the cost and quality of work/service performed. When selecting an Orthodontist cost should […]

Why choose an orthodontist like Dr. Steven Cohen

Not all orthodontists are the same. Dr. Cohen teaches residents how to become an orthodontist. This academic experience keeps Dr. Cohen ahead of the curve with new skills and new technology in Orthodontics that he uses in both his Philadelphia and South Jersey Practices to treat his patients better. He is still the only orthodontist […]

Dr. Steven Cohen Orthodontist in Philadelphia and South Jersey

Why would you consider his office to create your smile to last a lifetime? For over 19 years Dr. Cohen has set himself apart from other orthodontists, by incorporating the best orthodontic appliances, and the most advanced orthodontic technology into a warm personable environment that can enable any patient to achieve a great smile. Whether […]

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