Dr. Steven Cohen Orthodontist in Philadelphia and South Jersey

Why would you consider his office to create your smile to last a lifetime? For over 19 years Dr. Cohen has set himself apart from other orthodontists, by incorporating the best orthodontic appliances, and the most advanced orthodontic technology into a warm personable environment that can enable any patient to achieve a great smile. Whether it is his significant current experience teaching at Albert Einstein Medical Center’s Division of orthodontics, his Board Certification in Orthodontics, his way of listening and addressing your orthodontic concerns, or his great staff, patients have traveled as far away as Kansas to have their orthodontics with Dr. Steven Cohen.

So now your choice of which orthodontist to see is clear, why should you seek out an orthodontist rather than a general practice dentist for your orthodontic care? Balancing your teeth within your mouth, establishing the proportions of your face when you look in the mirror and the extensive post-graduate training are all required by fundamentals that orthodontists, like Dr. Cohen, are what orthodontists do each and every day. The knowledge and training that an orthodontist has gained beyond dental school, cannot compare to the other courses that are offered to teach general dentists how to do orthodontics.

Over the next several editions of my blog, we will explore why an orthodontist, like Dr. Cohen, is your clear choice for a smile to last a lifetime.