Adult Treatment

invisalign-adult-treatmentMost adults seek treatment because they are concerned with their appearance. Or, perhaps now have the financial resources that may not have been available when they were children. Orthodontics for adults can not only improve your smile but also improve your periodontal (gum) health. Braces can also help your general dentist do better prosthetic work (crowns and bridges). You’re never too old to consider orthodontics and believe it or not, treatment is more affordable now than in years past.

We are proud to now offer the Invisalign appliance system! Along with Damon clear braces and lingual braces. Call the office for a free consultation to see if you can you are a candidate for this type of treatment. (215) 271-8870.

We are excited to offer a new crystal clear brace called:

adult-treatment-2 adult-treatment-1

They will notice you not your braces

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